15 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

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It’s the new year which calls for new beginnings, new goals and new a wardrobe. If you are like me and are completely addicted to buying clothes, then this is the perfect way to clear out your closet of the old and make money for the new!

I started selling August 2018 part-time and so far been successful grossing up to $2,000 per month. Here are 15 essential tips I have for you to know before you start making money on Poshmark:

  1. Source smart
    • If you are just getting started on Poshmark then I would first suggest looking at your closet. Begin by purging out those old jeans and tops you were saying you would save for a rainy day. If you haven’t worn them in six months, I would get rid of them. Make sure they are still trendy. A good rule of thumb would be something you bought within the last 5 years. Later on, you can decide on whether you will start sourcing at thrift stores, flea markets or doing retail arbitrage. I will get more into detail about that in another blog post!


  2. Take quality photos
    • I can not stress enough that photos are the most important factor in whether your item will sell or not. If you just grab a wrinkly shirt and just hang it on the back of your poorly lit closet door- chances are your item will take forever to sell or just won’t sell at all. I’m not saying you need a fancy camera or professional photographer studio, but a clean background and a smartphone should do the trick. I heard having a solid white background helps with getting your item more likely to be shown on Google searches. A white wall in your home and a simple command strip hook works. Make sure your item is wrinkle-free and lint free. You can iron your clothes or invest in a steamer – here is the one I use https://amzn.to/2IAp1l1, also the lint roller I use. If your item has some pilling, which is those little fuzzies, then you can easily get rid of those with a sweater shaver. This one is cheap and effective https://amzn.to/2H2Q8Tb. I started off by hanging items and taking photos, but over time I invested in a mannequin. I live in LA so I just stopped by the Downtown LA Fashion District and bought a mannequin there, but you can also purchase this one on Amazon for $40 https://amzn.to/2UdNWfH. Now that you’ve got your makeshift studio – time to take pictures!


  3. Take detailed photos and have detailed descriptions
    • Taking photos should be the easy part, no need to do anything extra. Take a picture of the front, the back, close up of details, and any small flaws if any. If you want to go the extra mile take measurements of the item and have those listed in the description. The description should be easy as well. I usually do a google search of the item and copy whatever description the store has online. If you can’t find the item just write down distinctive details the item has. For example White Ruffle Long Sleeve Blouse (color, design detail, style, item type) any keywords that you would type in the search bar is the best way to think about it. Just be descriptive! Here is a screenshot of one of my listings.
      If you have any questions feel free to message me or leave a comment.


  4. Share your own closet – during parties time/3 times a day
    • You listed your item, photos look great, description is on point, now what?! Forget about it and watch the sales come in? NOPE! You have to share your items. The most annoying thing about Poshmark is having to constantly share your items. It’s time-consuming but its all part of the game. Share your own closet. Period. I know Posh promotes community sharing, but it’s a waste of energy. Sharing your own closet does matter because it brings your item further up on a search. I recommend sharing 3 times a day during party time for better sales.


  5. Have efficient shipping supplies
    • Now that you’ve shared your closet a million times, you made a S A L E! Congrats! Time to ship your pre-loved item to a new home. Poshmark promotes that you add a cute thank you cards, ribbon, tissue paper and all that. I did that in the beginning, but that is a fat waste of time and money. I take advantage of the free shipping supplies at the USPS store or on usps.com. What I also like to do that is cute and time efficient is I use printed polymailers. The outside is cute and practical. There are tons of printed polymailers on Amazon to choose from, here is my go-to ->https://amzn.to/2tFU2te. I also stick my item in a clear polymailer to make my orders look a little more professional and for easy storing in my home. These come in different sizes for a fair amount of money. Whatever you decide to spend your money on works as long as you are being fast and efficient.

  6. Keep spreadsheets
    • Always keep up with bookkeeping with your cost of goods sold, expenses, and Poshmark fees. I use Google Sheets that way I can access that at any time. Keeping track of these things will keep you organized and allows you to see how much money is coming in and how profitable items are. You can always generate a sales report on Poshmark and use that to go off of. If you notice tops or dresses are selling more than other items you can source more of those items. The sales report is such a useful tool. If you would like to see how I keep track of my sales please let me know and I’ll create another blog post!


  7. Have 100 active listings
    • There isn’t a specific rule that says this but having over 100 active listings tends to bring in more sales. The more you have online and a variety of it the more people who are searching on the app will find you. Keeps those listings over 100 if you want to stay profitable.


  8. List all at once & list every day!
    • Keeping those listings over 100 is not tough if you are smart about it. If you buy inventory or are selling your clothes remember to list every single day. If you bought 10 items to resell spread those out to two for 5 days. The more active you are on the app the more likely you will be shown up in searches.


  9. Relist old stale items
    • Ok, so I have to list everyday… what if you ran out of inventory to list? RELIST. Relisting is important in reselling, it freshens your item to a “Just Shared” “Just In” item which is a priority on searches. Don’t be afraid to lose those likes you’ve accumulated an item. If those likers didn’t want it after so many discounts then it doesn’t matter. Relisting is fast and easy. What I do is keep the old listing open on one tab and open another tab on my desktop to create a new listing. Copy the title, the description and save those photos on your computer, copy & paste them on the new listing tab and voila! Done! You are more likely to sell that item that has been sitting for months.


  10. Inventory system to stay organized
    • Having 100+ items sounds overwhelming but if you stay organized and have a system down then it’s a breeze. Whichever way you find easiest should dictate how you should store your items. I like to keep my stuff paired with similar items such as dresses, long sleeves, bottoms, tanks, etc. You can pair it by color, style, anything you want. Everything just needs to be clean and accessible to ship.

  11. List on your desktop 
    • Since you have to add tons of listings what is the fastest? The method I found easiest is listing on my desktop. I take photos on my iPhone, upload them to my computer and create the listing from there. I found it faster than doing it from the app on my phone. Also rings true for sharing your closet. Share either from a browser on your phone or computer, there are fewer options you have to click.

  12. Follow people, always interact and answer questions right away.
    • If you want sales I would follow people every day! Following people will get your closet more clout. People notice your stuff and those people will check out your closet. I try to follow at least 1,000 people a day. You can find people through the app on the Find People option and you can weed through people from brands they have or city they’re in, etc. Always answer people’s questions they may have, prompt customer service goes a long way.


  13. Use social media to learn brands and tips from the community. Always learn.
    • How did I learn all these tips? SOCIAL MEDIA! There is an entire community of resellers on Youtube and Instagram. Find them through the #poshmark hashtag. All these people are knowledgeable and been in the game for years. Don’t think you know everything, it’s always good to learn from others and expand your knowledge. This community is so supportive and helpful that if you message any of these people they will be so willing to give you a ton of tips!


  14. OTL on paydays.
    • You have to be strategic when sending offers to likers if you’re willing to take a cut on your profit. Send offers to likers on paydays, people are more inclined to spend their money. Send them out Thursday evening or Friday morning the 1st and the 15th and watch the sales roll in.


  15. Search for comps to set the price you deserve. Leave room for low ballers.
    • The best way to figure out how to price your items and keep it fair is to search for comps (comparables). Search your item on the app and filter it to sold items, that should tell you what to set your price at. You don’t want to list an old Forever 21 dress for $45 when others are selling it for $12. No one will buy that. Also, consider lowballers and offers. Now that you have an idea on prices you should use that price and up it on the listing 10-20%. Having it higher gives room for people to send you offers and you will be satisfied with letting the item go for less than you what you listed it as.

BONUS TIP: Don’t give up.

You will get 5 sales a day for 5 days in a row or nothing in a week. It happens in business. Don’t get stressed, sales will come. I wish you the best of luck with sales! Follow my posh closet here https://poshmark.com/closet/brenmarieee

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